Digital Marketing Supplier Audits

One of the most important parts of any digital project is to measure the results. Whilst many digital agencies will let you know what you can expect prior to the project starting, it's always useful to have a third party to help you fully assess, in an unbiased way, whether the results promised were actually achieved.

Because we have experience working in all aspects of digital marketing, we can do a full audit of the work that you hired a digital agency to carry out, whether it's web development, SEO, PPC, email marketing or social media marketing. We will look at every aspect of the project and determine whether the goals that were set initially were met.

Our auditing services

Below are some of the main services we can provide a full audit of :-

  • Web Development – When hiring an agency to work on your website, you'll certainly have a vision in mind for what you want to accomplish with it. Maybe you want a custom-built CMS or e-Commerce platform, or certain features built into the site. Whatever the case, we can do a full audit to find out whether all the project goals were reached.
  • PPC – It's especially important to assess results with PPC marketing. It's very easy to spend a lot of money on PPC ads with little ROI. The good news is that it's very easy to measure the results of PPC marketing to see how things can be improved. We can help you with this and also provide advice for how future campaigns can be strengthened.
  • SEO – SEO is all about delivering results. Any good digital marketing supplier would agree with this. Results as far as SEO goes translate to traffic. If you're not seeing an increase in traffic after the work has been completed then it's fair to say the SEO has not been a success. We can do a full audit of any SEO work and provide you with a thorough report.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing can be quite a tricky area to measure results although it's certainly possible to see if any promised results,  such as an increased following on certain social media platforms, was in fact delivered.
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